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Mica Lamp Shades


HartCrafters  offers  custom, rustic, urban, unique, square, round, oval, tapered, and hexagon shades. We have endless sizes. And if we don't have your required size or design, we'll build it for you. Many finish options to choose from.


Mica color options are: amber mica(orange in color), and silver mica (natural, white in color).


These two mica options are available in stained(darker) or clear(lighter). Silver mica offers the most pass through light, so if you need more light in the area your mica lamp shade will be placed, silver would be your best choice. If you are looking for a warm, mood setting glow from your mica lamp shade, amber would be your best choice. We have also made many mica shades with a combination of both.


Other colors are available upon request. Give us a call for details and pricing.


Restaurant mica lamp shades and office mica lamp shades. Need large quantities? Need custom designs and sizes? No problem.


Click images to enlarge and for full description & pricing.


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