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Mica Chandeliers


Chandeliers, pendant lights, Bar and Billiard light fixtures with any theme. We can help you design a custom mica chandelier using a picture, sketch, or just an idea. There are endless design & size options. We can build your mica light fixture with any level of detail. If you are looking to wow your guests with your lighting accents, that's no problem, or we can simplify the design and build your mica light fixture to save you money.  Mica chandeliers are one of the most sought after light fixtures today for the rustic cabin, lodge and country home. The soft mood setting light that broadcasts from mica lighting is a one of a kind light that accents surrounding furniture and other home decor. All custom designs welcome and all proudly hand made in the USA, right here at Hartcrafters!  Wild


Click images to enlarge and for full description & pricing.


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