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Customer Testamonials


The only thing we love more than getting our hands dirty working on our craft is seeing the smiles on our customers' faces, and hearing how it touched their lives. We love your feedback!

"Oh boy!!! I just picked up my dog Gracie mica shade and metal wall art from the shop. They are both just awesome and I could not be happier. They are absolutely outrageous and just gorgeous. These beautiful mica shade and metal art will always honor Gracie's memory and the joy that she brought to our entire family. You even captured the cute little curl in her left paw which was her signature position whenever she would lie down. Thank you for this most beautiful art work which we will

always cherish. Janie will be so happy to see these when she comes home later today. I can't wait to see her face. I already have the shade on display in my office at home and the wall art is temporarily on the mantle for her to see. I love the rich color of the torched finish. It is just right for the shade and the wall art. The details are all just beautiful. 


Thanks and Best Regards,"


-Jim Hoyle


The 17 small metal patina rust shades you did for our customer were beautiful and so was the mica pendant fixture. Great work! Thanks and Best Regards,


I'd like to say Thank You so much for such a beautiful peace of art. It blew everyone away that saw it. Everyone at The Graduation either took a picture of it or had something nice to say about it. Also, I gave your Information to about 4 people at graduation who asked for it. Be on the look out for some more orders... Thanks Again.”

J.C. - Class President of SPC Class 28 



 anything or anyone. He said you done proud. I of course after looking at it and how much it looked like Scratch, ...........I cried................It’s amazing! Well you have done it again Jason !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made us proud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got through to the hearts when you captured that dog, Scratch, who touch so many of us...... He wasn’t the brightest, or the greatest, or the smartest, of the most intelligent....... but Scratch to the very few of us who really knew him and loved him with that unconditional love that pets give us.........and we in them matter what.....
You captured it. ........Thanks a million.......... for touching hearts and souls........... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Follow up comment: Josh was here yesterday to visit and he had two comments. One was that a lady customer for John’s Well Service had come into the store or office while he was opening up the Scratch picture and she pulled out pictures of her dogs.... She called back later on this last week and wanted your information because she wanted a metal art piece done of her dog/dogs. We gave Josh your information so he could give it to her and hopefully you’ll get an order from her.
Also Josh’s cousin stopped by and saw the Scratch piece last week, and said it sent chills through him when he saw the piece. Wow, this Scratch piece is certainly touching people when they see it.
We so appreciate your artistic talent and will be ordering more soon. Thanks Jason." 

-K. and C. 




                                                                        We just wanted to say a special thank you to Hartcrafters for the piece you

                                                                        made for our brother Jonathan.  You ensured Tim and I got exactly what

                                                                        we wanted and had us approve the work prior to project commencement. 

                                                                        Your Admin department was timely and professional as well.  When our

                                                                        brother Jonathan saw the finished product, he was blown away! 

                                                                        Outstanding quality of work and attention to detail!  All three of us brothers

                                                                        are veterans that proudly served our country and I can see by visiting

                                                                        your website, that you are a proud American as well. 

                                                                        Thanks again for a priceless piece!

Sincerely, Branden and Tim Penston


Branden and Tim,

   It was a pleasure working with you guys from start to finish on such a meaningful piece or art. I'm pleased that Johnathan liked his metal art and wanted to say thank you for the nice comments and your business was greatly appreciated. JH

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"Hi Jason,

We went to celebrate Josh’s birthday, and his dad was there. We went to a small Mexican Restaurant in North Boulder. Afterwards, we all went back to Josh’s small trailer...he showed us the Scratch piece and we were all in’s totally awesome! Josh couldn’t say enough good about your artistic talents. Josh kept saying over and over, 'he really captured Scratch,'and John (who also does stone carvings),his dad said you made Josh and Scratch proud. Wow...he never has anything much good to say about 

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