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Welcome to the Hunting Knives page!

We now offer custom handmade hunting knives crafted right here in our shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina!


Using 100% American-made 8670 tool steel and beautiful exotic woods, our custom knife handle materials are carefully hand-picked and handcrafted from many different and unique wood species, leather stacks, and an array of other materials to create beautiful combinations. We also build our mosaic pins here. From the blade tip to the handle butt, we strive to build the best quality possible so you'll be proud of your Hartcrafters knife, show it off at hunting camp, and be confident that you'll be able to use your knife for years...and eventually pass it on to future generations to come.


We wanted to add these beauties to our list of products because we love knives too! We know it's hard to find a really good-looking, custom-made knife that's also designed well, built tough for use, and has "collector" qualities too...all at an affordable price.


We offer a lifetime warranty! Your knife will come with it's own warranty card, a numbered authenticity card, and a knife-care card. So, if you're like me and actually use whatever you buy, you'll be happy with your purchase! If you're a collector like me, you'll be just as happy. These knives will hold their own with knives posting a much higher price tag. All designs will end production at a quantity of 500 or less, making your collector knife 1-of-500 made, no matter which design you choose from our collection.


To see our designs, click the hunting knives button below. There you'll see several designs and combinations to choose from. The page is new, so stay tuned!   Because we'll be adding new designs as they are made.


Thank you for your visit!

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